About Us


BEN is a brand name of Blueskin Energy Limited, which is owned by the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust. You join BEN by signing up with our service provider -  P2 Power as your electricity retailer.

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We aim to democratize our electricity network. BEN is a participatory retail platform and smart grid marketplace provided by P2 and designed to enable a much greater use of renewable technologies such as wind and solar energy. It can enable the incorporation of zero emission transport. 

Through smart technologies, we aim to not only make electricity consistently cleaner and cheaper, but pass savings directly onto members of BEN. By signing up to BEN, you can make a real impact on your bill, your community and the environment.


In a nutshell, peer-to-peer power allows anyone to share the benefits of solar and wind power, even if you’re renting or don’t have panels on your roof or a wind turbine nearby.

Whenever you use power, we find local generators nearby who are exporting renewable electricity to the grid at the same time. We use smart meters to automatically find local sources of power for you every half hour. When there’s not enough local power to meet your needs the rest is supplied from traditional power stations.

As we prioritise this cheaper, locally produced energy, you avoid paying a higher grid price for a percentage of your power. If you have solar panels already, you are able to earn more for your exported power by selling it to your local community.


Traditional electricity comes from a range of sources, including fossil fuel plants burning coal and gas. BEN prioritises local, renewable sources, so you can buy green power first and grid power when you need it. Less carbon-based fuel powering your home means a cleaner future for our planet.